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He's a very good, honest man who really knows his business and knows how to be very present in the moment for our needs. The time that I spend with him is extremely productive; also he is very fair with regards to billing.

I've got a farm operation, and Ben Johnson was able to help me with the unique issues I have as far as agribusiness is concerned. Ben's always done a good job for me, and I'd recommend him to anybody.

Ben really knows what he's doing. He takes his work to heart. He's honest and trustworthy, and he does a good job.

I think Ben Johnson is very professional, and he conducts himself well. I love his service, and his staff is very good--if I have any questions at all, I just call them and I get an answer. If he's not available right then, it's a matter of just minutes most of the time until he gets back to me.

We are always able to reach Ben when we have a problem, and he will walk us through the problem and give us instruction on how to resolve it. He is very good about giving us advice about how to handle different aspects of our company.

What I like is how accessible Ben Johnson is. He always returns a calls promptly, and has the information we wanted. In our line of work, that's pretty rare. Also, whenever we have meetings with him, he is very thorough. He tells us about what we need to do in terms that we understand. He's very easy to talk to and he makes you feel comfortable doing your sessions with him. We've always been pleased with the advice he's given us.

Ben is easy to get in touch with, and if I need anything his office will email it right to me. He comes here to our office every year and sits down with me and goes over everything until all my questions are answered. He is great at explaining technical subjects such as tax issues specific to the timber industry in plain and simple language that I can understand.